“Breathing softer, muscles relaxed… rolling motion, nervous edges collapse. Thank you, for my first exposure and experience with Breema. Your crafted touch and mindful form allowed this sensitive experience to be most powerful. Much appreciated.”
— Jennifer Shibley, Chicago

“I felt like I was floating while unwinding the tightly bound threads that keep me in a state of fear, insecurity, and anger. It was absolutely blissful, and abounding with deep love.”
— Angela Carini, Chicago

“As someone lucky enough to be thrilled with my work, I don’t think I usually need an escape. I do however lose my center and my focus. Today, amidst a busy week, I stopped in for some Breema. Fifty minutes felt like an entire night! I was energized dramatically despite the fact that I noticed no strong lack of energy. My first thought was, wow- I should do this every week!”
— Mark Tomaras, Chicago

“As a Breema client I found this to be one of the most relaxing forms of massage I have ever experienced. It is not actually massage but a form of total mind and body relaxation. At times I dozed off and felt as if my body was completely limp. Being in a high stressed work environment as well part of the sandwich generation I hope this will become a weekly treat.Practitioner explained what he was doing and with his soft-spoken voice and calm manner he brought me to complete peace and relaxation. I HIGHLY recommend this for everyone!”
— Vicki Pines, Wilmette

“I love it. Breema is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you again for your free flowing love. It fills me so completely that I literally cannot accept it all and my cup runs over. It is such a blessing to have you in my life.”
— Claire Davis, Chicago

“I feel relaxed and energized at the same time. I feel like my circulation is more at ease or something as it flows through my body. It really is amazing how energized I feel after only getting five hours of sleep last night and feeling absolutely exhausted when I arrived here today!”
— Corinne Kocalis, Chicago

“As a whole, the experience was wonderful. I felt as if it were an out-of-body experience. There were times that I felt as if I were not there. There were times that I felt no one was there. From the lighting to the tea, I could not be more surprised. Will defintely be back.”
— Adam Greenberg, Chicago

“I was very apprehensive prior to my first Breema session. I never use a male masseur and so I was skeptical. I relaxed, really relaxed! My body has the normal tensions of an over-programmed woman caught in the sandwich generation, concerns for my elderly mother and my adult children. Breema gave me peace. Now I just have to make time for me and put Breema as a priority in my crazy schedule.”
— Sharon Katz, Glenview