I would not be in the position to support others without the support of the following people:

My parents, who have provided me with the physical and emotional support to take the path with heart. Your support is greater than words could express.

My friends and family who added richness to my life and strength to my steps.

My “Northwest of Normal” friends at Breema Northwest in Eugene, Oregon, one of the few places in this country that it is normal to be open-hearted, kind, environmentally-friendly, and giving.

The fine people of the Breema Center who have shared so much of their lives in order to support the practice of Breema worldwide- I thank each and every one of you.

All my fellow Breema students- you all help in fueling my journey of Self-Understanding. Thanks for all the open-heartedness and the fantastic hara work

My friend Mark Tomaras for his professional photographic and design services.
Mark’s Photographic Services

Thanks so very much.