It was 1994 when I left the States with a backpack, a small wad of cash, and a dream to see the world. I knew that there had to be more to life than my monotonous existence. I was determined to see how other people lived. My third month of travel took me to the wonderful Himalayan nation of Nepal. It was there where my real journey began. One day I was persuaded to attend a Buddhist lecture at the Himalayan Yogic Institute in Katmandu. After the first meditation of my life, the Tibetan Abbott of the nearby Kopan Monastery spoke on basic Buddhist thought; including compassion, karma, reincarnation, happiness, and attachment. He said: “I don’t understand you Western people. Once, twice a day you clean your bodies, but you never clean your minds! I only clean my body once or twice a week, but clean my mind many times per day.” He was referring to the practice of meditation. His words might not have registered with me if I didn’t feel his amazing presence. Yet for the first time in my life I saw someone who appeared to be radiating love and who had sparkling eyes of bliss. Listen to the words of this monk, Lama Lhundrup, here. This day changed my life, as it opened me to truly listening to others. It made me available to other approaches to life, especially those with inner values.