How can Breema support me in my spiritual and/or yoga practice?

Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “union.” It is the goal of yoga practices to reach that level of consciousness. Breema refers to Being Present. When one is Present, one is vividly conscious of the inherent Unity of All. Thus, one could say the Breema is a yogic practice, or vice versa. The difference then is not in the ends, but the means.

What makes Breema so supportive for student of yoga and meditation is that Breema provides the opportunity to totally let go of our normal waking conscious and to move into deeper meditative states. In this supportive atmosphere, our personality slides away and we come to the place of Union with All. This experience is often referred to as “surrender.”

What are the benefits of receiving a Breema bodywork session?

Breema delivers us what we truly need. Sometimes this need is stress relief. In these situations, Breema supports us in letting go of all tension, bringing us to a state of relaxation that we are likely to have never experienced before.

For those with physical ailments, disease, or discomfort, after melting your tension, Breema supports you by allowing your natural healing mechanisms to function without the tension-caused blockages.

Benefits include relief from pain and tension, mental and emotional balance & harmony, gentle and effective musculo-skeletal realignment, stress reduction, improved nervous and immune system function, regaining a sense of wholeness and a deeper connection to the body, increased flexibility, improved circulation and digestion, improved sleep patterns and a return to a more natural rhythm of life.

Click here for additional information about Breema’s health benefits, according to Dr. Jon Schreiber.

Another common benefit of Breema bodywork is the experience of Being Present- a state characterized by a comfortable body, an open heart, deep inner peace, love, and bliss.

Is Breema similar to either Swedish or Thai Massage?

Whereas Swedish massage is done with the intention to revitalize our tissue, and Thai Massage is done with the intention to release our energy blockages, Breema is done with the intention of Being Present, thus harmonious with Life. Breema is highly effective in releasing muscular tension and energetic blockages, yet it takes it one step further by providing us with the support to really let go of the “extra.”

As it is free of the use of force, Breema would never be labeled a “massage.” It is called “bodywork” because it releases the turmoil of the body to access our inner experiences. Some recipients liken it to “meditation-in-motion,” as they experience states of inner peace that would otherwise take years of disciplined practice to achieve.

Breema is often considered the most harmonious, loving, transformative form of bodywork available. One day it will probably be a familiar name to everyone in this world.

How is Breema Bodywork so harmonious?

Breema Practitioners are fortunate to have the Nine Principles of Harmony. Each of these principles, if fully actualized, brings us into a state of harmony- a state of grace. They all support us in knowing the Unity of Life- which can only take place in experience, not in thought. It is the illusion of separation that makes our lives so difficult at times. Free of that illusion, we recognize that we are all part of one interconnected whole.

The Nine Principles of Harmony support us in finding that place where our ideas drop away and we naturally move into harmonious living. The recipient gets nurtured from this taste of grace. As we move into this state we feel all of our tensions melt away like butter. This is a beautiful experience.

Breema is wonderful support for the practice of yoga. Breema offers us simple tools for more consciously living moment-to-moment, the opportunity to experience full surrender, and the “taste” of ourselves in our natural state of inner peace and love.

How often should I receive/practice Breema?

Like streams that create a river, if you’d like a strong river of consciousness you need to take many small steps in Being Present. Therefore, receive and practice as much Breema as you can. Receive sessions regularly, learn and practice Breema daily (even if just for a few minutes), and take classes and workshops.

If you want transformation, you need to make yourself available for it. It doesn’t just happen. You need to plant the seed and fertilize the soil. Then, nature will take care of the rest. A partial committment will yield partial results. Let the judgments be opportunities for self-understanding, not deterrents. So, are you worth it? I decided I am.

So, what exactly is Breema?

It means Being Present with the activity of the body, which can only be understood through experiencing it.