Breema is the practice of Being in the present moment. By letting go of our thought and coming to the experience of our body, all of the “extra” melts away, leaving us in our natural state of harmonious inner peace.

There are three components to Breema:

– The non-judgmental support of a Breema Bodywork session provides us with an opportunity to let go of our chattering mind, tense body, and uncomfortable feelings, to reveal our open-hearted, peaceful nature. Learning to do Breema Bodywork provides students with an opportunity to move in harmony with Existence, and to support oneself and others in Opening.

– Practicing Self-Breema exercises helps us to move in unity with the natural laws that govern life and health, supporting us to release tension and become present.

– By discovering the Nine Principles of Harmony and how to work with them, our mind becomes active support in our direction of harmonious living.